How It Works

Audiobook Publishers


Have audiobooks to sell?

If you’re an audiobook publisher, we can help you. If you have unabridged audiobooks and you’d like them to be sold in our channels, you can upload them here. Your audiobooks will be available for purchase through all of Audible’s channels.

Here’s how to upload your audiobooks:

Step 1. Open an ACX account

Open an account here. Once you have an account, you can upload your unabridged audiobooks into the system. (If you already provide content to Audible, click here to learn if you qualify to use this service..)

Step 2. Choose territories and terms of distribution

You’ll need to identify what territory rights you own so that we know where we can make it available. In addition, please let us know the language of the audiobook you’re uploading.

Step 3. Review and accept our terms

Does your audiobook meet our audio specifications? Make sure it does and then you will be presented with and can agree to our Audiobook License and Distribution Agreement

Step 4. Upload your audiobook

You will need to enter information about your audiobook, such as copyright information, who the narrator is, and the name of the audiobook publisher. After that, you simply upload your audiobook chapter by chapter.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us.