Promote Yourself

Join LinkedIn

Think of LinkedIn as the “suit and tie” social network. It's all business. If your written or narrated works focus on business topics (leadership, coaching, marketing, etc.), LinkedIn is a fantastic place to connect with your audience. But no matter what kind of work you create, using LinkedIn can help you be more productive and more successful. With over seventy million users, LinkedIn helps you connect with publishers, editors, agents, reviewers, the media, other authors or narrators, recording studios, and many others. This will help increase the audience for your audiobook, and remember, the more you sell, the more you get paid through ACX.

Get Started

  1. Go to, enter your name and email address, and join.
  2. Start building your profile by simply following the prompts. You’ll be asked to enter your job status, your country, and so on.
  3. LinkedIn will recommend connections based on the information you enter.
  4. Search for more people you want to add as connections, and start building your network!

Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

Link to the people you’d like to be associated with and make sure you choose wisely.

  • Join a group. Groups let you connect with people with whom you share something specific—your professional background or political interests, for example. This means they are a potent way to reach your target audience. Look at the groups that people you know belong to. Go to the “Groups Directory” to search for ones where you can contribute to the conversation. Or start your own group and invite others to join you!
  • Use the “Applications.” “Applications” are a great way to showcase and share your work in LinkedIn. Go to the “More” menu or look for the “Add an application” button, then start using these useful tools:
    1. “Updates” Share your status—let people know what you're working on, and announce when your audiobook has been released.
    2. “Reading Lists by Amazon” Create a list of relevant books—be sure to include your own.
    3. “Events” Create, find, and plan to attend professional events. Offline marketing is key, too.
    4. “My Travel” This “TripIt” application lets people know where to find you. It allows you to create a public travel schedule, so you can meet up with your contacts when you happen to be in the same city.
    5. “SlideShare Presentations” If you've recently given a presentation, make it available for your colleagues, peers, and fans to read.

Connect Your LinkedIn Profile

  • In your LinkedIn profile, include a link to your blog or website, and add your Twitter account.
  • When using Twitter, simply include "#in" at the end of your tweet and your status will automatically be updated on LinkedIn, too.