About Us

How You Benefit

Something for Everyone. Whether you're an author, publisher, or narrator, ACX makes life better, more creative, and potentially more lucrative.

  • Rights Holders: If you're a Rights Holder—an author, publisher, or agent—you can use ACX to engage audiobook Producers and create your audiobook. Or, you can sell the audio rights you hold to audio publishers.

    Choose between exclusive or non-exclusive distribution plans, and your royalties are paid to you monthly.

  • In short, ACX lets you take control of your books. Using a burgeoning format already embraced by millions of listeners, we help you turn previously ignored audio rights into finished products.

    We give authors creative control over the process. You can narrate your own work or you can engage a Producer on ACX to produce your audiobook. We support you the whole way through, with tools and tutorials that get you started narrating your own book, if you decide to do it yourself. Or, if you engage a Producer, we also have tools and tips to help you choose the right narrator. We've also built in several checkpoints along the way, so you can rest assured your audiobook is on the right track. Plus, we will give you tips on how to promote yourself to increase your sales.

    All of this, and you own the finished product.

  • Producers (narrators, editors, and other studio professionals): Producers can engage narrators or other studio professionals to perform services on an Audiobook Production Contract they've entered into through ACX. If you're an actor or narrator, use ACX to increase your auditioning opportunities. If you're a studio professional, audition your products. Either way, find plenty of work, set your rate, and increase your earning potential.

    Rights Holders may discover you as they browse ACX for professional actors capable of brilliantly performing literary works and studio professionals with the expertise and contacts necessary to produce a commercial-ready audiobook. And, if you enter into a Royalty Share Deal as a Producer, you can earn royalties for years.

  • Independent Publishers: If you're an audiobook publisher, you can use ACX to uncover new audio rights to acquire and new audiobooks to produce. ACX gives you a central place to find intriguing titles that are available for audio production.

    As a print publisher, you can use ACX to find talented professionals to collaborate with, and expand your business by establishing a brand-new audiobook division, however big or small.

  • Audible: At Audible, we're committed to providing our members the very best audio entertainment. With ACX, we're expanding the content available to our customers and strengthening our position as the leader in the audiobook marketplace.

    We also view ACX as an important way to deepen our working relationships with authors, narrators, and publishers. Our goal is to create an audio rights marketplace, a flourishing network of professional audiobook creators, and a world of new opportunities.