Promote Yourself

Ready for the tools to help you multiply your contacts, your audience, and your sales?

Remember there are three ways you can earn with ACX:

  1. Royalties: All Rights Holders—and also Producers who do Royalty Share deals—earn a royalty for each sale
  2. Bounty Referral Program Payment: On top of it all, there’s the potential to earn up to  $75 every time your unique links lead to a new Audible membership.
  3. Pay for Production fee: Producers can chose to be paid a per-finished-hour rate (a Pay for Production fee on ACX) for their audiobook production work

The more you can promote yourself, the more money you’ll make. Follow these tips and you’ll see how a little dedication and effort can go a long way...

Never promoted yourself online before? To get started, just take three simple steps. The payoff is worth it... And you just might have some good fun.

  1. Get on Facebook: Half a billion people are on board. You can find them.
  2. Try Twitter: It’s where information flows fast and freely. Dip your toes in.
  3. Join LinkedIn: This is home base for your professional profile. Be found there.

Feel like you could use some background? Learn the basics

Already on Facebook and Twitter?

Dive in deeper. Here are four ways to promote your work and make your online presence more effective:

  1. Start a blog: See how easy it is to build this potent tool
  2. Maintain your online identity: Follow these simple steps regularly to keep your information fresh
  3. Measure the impact: Find out how well your efforts are working
  4. Join the conversation: Discover ways to contribute to online discussions... and why you should

Extra Credit

Try these extra steps. They’re easier than you might think... and they pack a powerful punch.

  1. Try podcasting
  2. Get on YouTube