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A podcast is another way to engage Your Fans — and prospective fans—in a medium similar to your audiobooks. The more people you get to listen to you, the more people will want to continue listening to you. And that’s what drives sales. So go ahead, get started.

Don't worry about the technology. If you’re an audiobook narrator or Producer, you probably already know that creating audio can be as simple or as elaborate as you'd like. If you’re not, just know that podcasting can be as easy as plugging in a cheap USB mic to your computer and pressing record. Or, if your prefer, you can use always more sophisticated tools like studio mics and mixers.

Resources to help you get started:

How to Create a Podcast (A Step-by-step Tutorial from

So what should you talk about? Talk about anything you want! It’s probably a good idea for your podcast to be related to your work or interests as reflected elsewhere (like on your blog). But be creative. For example:

  • You write about computers and technology. Organize a weekly panel discussion with your fellow technophiles to discuss the latest products and trends.
  • You narrate, produce, or write political works. Organize a series of man-on-the-street interviews with passersby to gauge public opinion on a specific political issue. Make sure to get release forms from each person so that you have the rights to use your video of them.
  • You're a business author. Provide your perspective on current events, perhaps as they relate to a core principle such as leadership, transparency, or sales strategy. Interview notable business people and ask them to offer input on your topic.
  • You write mysteries that take place in New England. Describe the local research you do when writing about a place. Create audio tourist guides to the region.

Take a tour through the iTunes Podcast directory for some sample podcasts and see what inspires you.