Promote Yourself

Measure the Impact

You’ve put in the effort, tending your online presence regularly and syndicating your content broadly. Now…how do you know if it’s all working?

Whether your goal is to land a new project or increase sales and elevate that royalty rate, there are plenty of ways to measure your progress. This is called web analytics, and it can actually be pretty straightforward.

Available tools for measuring results:

  • Your blog service (plenty of them integrate results and statistics)
  • Google Analytics
  • Clicky
  • Tweetmeme
  • YouTube view statistics and comments
  • Klout
  • Favstar

What to look at:

  • Unique visitors: How many unique individuals have visited your blog? Is this number increasing or decreasing?
  • Page views and average time on site: Are visitors to your blog consuming lots of content, or are they landing on the home page and quickly leaving?
  • Comments: Are your blog posts or Facebook updates engaging enough that people are inspired to comment on them?
  • Facebook Fans: Is your fan base growing?
  • Facebook Friends: Are you connecting with the right people?
  • Twitter followers: Is your number of Twitter followers growing or shrinking?
  • Tweets & retweets: Are your tweets being retweeted by others?
  • Subscribers: How many people are subscribed to your blog or podcast?
  • YouTube: How many views are your videos receiving? Are people commenting?
  • Downloads: How many downloads of your podcasts are listeners consuming each week or month?

Keep track of these numbers and statistics to better understand the effect of your social media marketing efforts, so you can focus on the tools and areas that generate the best response.

If you’d like to see better results try more regular maintenance and updating of your social media tools, broaden your reach with syndication, and consider our top blog tips.