Frequently Asked Questions

Submitting Auditions

How do I audition for a title?

Find projects that intrigue you, and audition! ACX was designed for entrepreneurial types, and we want you to take advantage of the opportunities. You may also get messages from a Rights Holder asking you to audition for their book, if you upload voice samples that you tag on your profile.

To submit an audition:

  1. Visit the Audition Script tab that contains a brief section of the book—usually one or two pages—to record yourself reading.
  2. Record it in the studio where you’d produce the book if you were to win the job.
  3. Upload your audition, and enter any notes to the Rights Holder you'd like to include.
  4. The Rights Holder will review your audition, and if you are selected to voice the project, you will receive an offer to produce it.

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How do I upload auditions for projects?

It’s easy to upload an audition.

  1. Click "Search" in the upper left corner of the website and select "Titles Accepting Auditions."
  2. Search for a title.
  3. Click the name of the book for which you'd like to audition in the search results.
  4. On the book's profile page, click "Upload Audition."
  5. On the upload page, scroll down to the browse button, and search for the file you wish to upload.
  6. Enter a message in the message box if you wish, then click "Submit Audition" to complete the submission process.

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I'm an audiobook producer, how should I choose the right book to narrate or produce?

You’re going to spend many hours on this project—reading the entire book, preparing to narrate it, recording it, possibly editing it, and doing the quality control, too (unless you subcontract a separate editor or QC person). So, choose a book that you’ll enjoy reading. If you enjoy reading Science Fiction, then seek out Sci-Fi titles on ACX. Oh, and don’t be embarrassed to take on a romance novel—they’re fun to narrate.

Tip for audiobook producers about narration: If you’re a little less confident about your acting chops, start out by choosing a nonfiction project. Nonfiction generally doesn’t require as many different character voices and emotional ranges as fiction does.

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I'm an audiobook producer, how can I get recommended to more Rights Holders?

Most importantly, make sure you have strong audiobook samples uploaded on your profile. Those are used to connect narrators with titles. So don’t just state in your profile that you have great pacing for a thriller or mystery novel; show this to rights holders with a sample of you reading a compelling mystery novel. You can upload as many samples as you want. Just be sure to give each one a specific, succinct, and descriptive label.

Tip on recommendations: Once you have twenty-five audiobooks available for sale on—whether created on ACX or not—apply to become Audible Approved. This badge of honor will be visible on your ACX profile, and you can also use it to promote yourself on your own social network sites.

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How can ACX help me stand out from everyone else?

This is where your profile—and especially your audio samples—comes into play. The audiobook samples you upload are especially important. So don’t just list in your profile that you can do a great French accent—upload a sample that shows how fabulous that accent is, and label it descriptively. Or, if you haven’t had the chance to use a particular skill yet in an audiobook, create a new sample to show off. This flexibility is one reason why ACX allows for unlimited sample uploads. Having robust samples will provide you with the best opportunity to be found by someone on ACX that is trying to make an audiobook. Also, focus on your audiobook experience, not just your general acting experience. List how many audiobooks you’re narrated and/or produced. List any Audie nominations or Earphone awards, too.

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