Promote Yourself

Marketing Checklist

Once your audiobook is published, share your excitement throughout your social network.

  1. Email your contacts to announce it.
  2. Create a post on your blog—include an image and an audio sample.
  3. Post a status update on Facebook, and link to your product page at online retailers.
  4. Tweet about it.
  5. Send influential colleagues and reviewers a synopsis or free copy of your audiobook.
  6. Ask key peers and colleagues if they would help share the news by emailing or tweeting about your book.
  7. Request listener reviews from your contacts. Retailers that are selling your book will allow for reviews.
  8. Review related titles on Amazon and link your reviews back to your Author Page on Amazon.
  9. Respond to or retweet any commentary you receive.
  10. Encourage your audience to buy your book as a new AudibleListener® member on Audible.When they do, you’ll get that extra $50 Bounty Payment. It can add up fast!