Promote Yourself

Maintain Your Image

And get the pay off! In order to establish a vigorous, effective online presence and build productive connections that can boost your audiobook earnings, you’ve got to be a regular.

It won’t work to build a few profiles, connect with a handful of people, and then sit back and watch. Your online identity requires consistent care and attention if it’s going to produce results that you can measure.

After all, the goal here is to keep inspiring people to buy your audiobook, and, in turn, drive up your earnings and royalty rates.

Take these steps regularly to stay active and visible:

Be Heard. Post something! Every day! It can be a paragraph, photo, video… anything. Post a status message daily. Make it informative and engaging. Find a few items worth retweeting every day. Go to the Answers section. See if you have something to contribute to the Q&A.
Show You Listen. Check your comments section on a daily basis, and reply. Respond to any comments on your wall daily. Reply to three or more tweets with substantive responses. Accept any invitations soon after you get them (the appropriate ones, anyway).
Reach Out. Check out the blogs of the people who comment on yours, and if you find something interesting, comment back. Pick three or four people each day and comment on their updates. Find 5–10 new people to follow. Request a recommendation… or offer to write one for someone else.
Engage. Ask another blogger about creating a guest post. If you belong to groups or fan pages, leave a new comment. Point out a few people you feel are worth following—it shows where you’re coming from. Join a new group.

One thing we want to note: When joining Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn, you should carefully read the account policies and procedures of each site. While we’ve endeavored to give you basic information on how to leverage these social media platforms to promote yourself and your audiobooks, each of these sites has its own member and account requirements, policies, and procedures. ACX does not assume any responsibility or liability for the actions, product, and content of all these and any of these sites. You should carefully review their privacy statements and other conditions of use.