Promote Yourself

Join The Conversation

Join the Conversation. Social media and social networking are, obviously, all about sharing. The more connections you make, the more you get your ideas out there, and the greater the potential payoff.

By joining in more conversations, you rapidly multiply the number of people who will notice you, recognize your work, and consider purchasing your audiobook.

Participate on other people’s blogs. This can be a very powerful tool to raise your profile, regardless of whether or not you’ve chosen to write your own blog. Use a blog search engine like Technorati to find blogs in your area of interest or expertise.

  • Comment on a post that interests you, and add something that readers of the blog might want to know.
  • Include a link to related content.
  • Link to your blog or web site if you’ve written something that’s relevant to the conversation.

Be a guest blogger. Offer to write a post for a respected blog related to your genre or topic. Chances are, the blog-owner will be happy to have you create content for their blog. Go ahead and ask—and when you do, suggest a topic.

The value of being a guest blogger is threefold:

  1. It exposes you and your works to someone else's audience, which can be a whole new group of readers.
  2. It provides a link from someone else's blog to your own. (Google loves these.)
  3. You become associated with an influential blogger in your field, genre, or area.

Be active on Twitter. From conversations, both significant and silly, to breaking news, there’s a vast amount of information flowing through the river of data that is Twitter. This makes tweeting a far-reaching and fast way to communicate.

So stay active. Find tweets to reply to, retweet regularly, and continue to add to those you’re following. Anyone on Twitter can spread the word about you and your book. Their tweets can reach prospective buyers that you might not even be aware of, and ultimately help to sell more copies of your audiobook, which will drive up your royalty rate, and generate those $50 Bounty Payments.

Find a Niche

Find A Niche Network. And Join It! Are your books about animals? Why not join Fuzzster, a social network for “cats, dogs and all your fuzzy pets”? Maybe you write about education. Join, the social network for teachers.

You’re already ahead of the game with people in your niche network: You know they’re interested in what you’re working on, so naturally, they’re more likely to buy your audiobook and increase your earnings.

To find the niche social network that fits you, your work, and your interests:

  1. Go to Google.
  2. Type in "Social networks for”
  3. See what Google suggests.
  4. Then join the conversation, share your blog, and enjoy the company.