Legal Contracts

ACX Independent Contractor Agreements

When you are producing an audiobook, you often need to employ others to help in the process. If you are a narrator you often need to hire a studio with an engineer to record you, and an audiobook editor to polish your recording. As a studio owner, you may use ACX to find work as a Producer, and then sub-contract a narrator who can provide the acting talent. You may edit the audiobook yourself, or farm that out, too.

When you do this, you need to have your production team under contract. ACX requires that you use any of the following contract agreement templates when working with independent contractors on your audiobook production. It manages everyone's expectations. And it will ensure that the people you hire to assist you in producing the audiobook for ACX are of high quality and meet ACX audio requirements.

We've left spaces in each contract for you to fill in your name, the contractor's name, as well as pay rates, and expected dates for deliverables.

These documents simply list everyone’s rights and obligations, the payment terms, and all of the other important stuff you’ll want to have nailed down.