Promote Yourself

Get On YouTube

There’s Google, and then there’s YouTube, which is, in fact, another extremely popular search tool. This is why you and your work should be found there.

Just like with podcasts, you don't need to be computer savvy to make videos or post on YouTube. Nor do you need to be a professional director or producer. You don't even need a camcorder—most digital cameras and cell phones can record video. So pick a topic you enjoy and shoot. Upload your video on YouTube and embed the video player on your blog.

Rest assured, YouTube offers basic instructions for how to do all of this on their site.

Sample video ideas:

  • Create a trailer for your audiobook. Book trailers just like a movie trailer, so whether you’re a Rights Holder or a Producer, create a trailer for your audiobook. Make it 1–3 minutes long…and make it anything from reading a passage of the book to a mini-movie. It can even be similar to a music video.
  • Bring your work on romance books to life. Capture video of places and objects, along with your comments on why you may find them of interest. Whether you’re from the city or the country, perhaps you take long walks while looking for inspiration for your writing or performances. Explain how your environment influences your work.
  • Add extra depth to your business writing. Perhaps your last book was on leadership, and, while writing, you interviewed CEOs and other business leaders. Why not compile the interviews you completed as part of your research and post them? (Be sure to get each person’s permission before you post the interviews.)
  • Showcase your sci-fi chops.If sci-fi is your genre, comment “movie critic-style” about your favorite sci-fi films or TV shows.

The possibilities are endless. Your main goal in uploading some video is to connect with people who might be interested in your work... and who might buy your audiobook.

Tip: To be sure your video is easily found, tag it with keywords that describe the content.