Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

How does ACX work?

ACX is a marketplace where authors, agents, publishers and other audio Rights Holders can post audiobook rights to both new frontlist titles and to backlist titles that were never published as audiobooks. At ACX, projects seeking narrators are matched with Producers, which include audiobook publishers, narrators, engineers, and recording studios. Rights Holders and Producers negotiate a fee based on the cost per finished hour of the book, or they can choose to forgo upfront payment and share all royalties earned from sales of the finished audiobook. Once the Producer completes the recording and engineering of the audiobook production, the finished audiobook is distributed to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

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When I sign up for ACX, why does ACX need to know if I’m an author, literary agent, publisher, narrator, or studio Professional?

ACX needs to know whether you’re an audiobook Producer or a Rights Holder because that determines what kind of profile you’ll create with us. Essentially, on ACX, there are two roles—Rights Holders and Producers. Rights Holders are the people and entities that own or control the audio rights, and Producers are the people or entities that are capable of producing a commercial-ready audiobook. Narrators and studio professionals (studio owners, audio engineers, editors, or mastering engineers) fall into the category of audiobook Producers and can create profiles that include audio samples, and highlight themselves, their work, and their services. Authors, literary agents, and publishers are audiobook Rights Holders who create Title Profiles, which are summaries of each title they control and want turned into an audiobook.

TIP FOR NARRATORS: If your primary work is narration, then, when signing up at ACX, describe yourself as a narrator not a studio professional.

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What is a producer?

On ACX, not only are you the audiobook Narrator, you are the audiobook Producer. Audible has been helping great audiobook Narrators become great audiobook producers for years. In our Video Lessons and Resources, we can show you how to set up a home studio, edit, and master your audiobook before it goes on sale. You can also engage a studio professional to assist you with the recording, editing, and mastering. Read more about the role of the Producer here.

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What is a rights holder?

The Rights Holder of a book is the person or entity that owns the audio rights required to make the book available for production and distribution as an audiobook. A Rights Holder may be the book's author, publisher, a literary agent, or the author's estate. As a Rights Holder, you can use ACX to make your books available for production as audiobooks, grant audiobook production rights to Producers to create the book, and grant distribution rights of the finished audiobook to us. If you aren't sure you are a Rights Holder, contact your Publisher to ask about who holds the audio rights to your title. Read more about the role of the Rights Holder here.

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What do you mean by "studio professional"?

We use the term studio professional to loosely describe anyone involved in the actual production of an audiobook. Studio owners, audio engineers, narrators, editors, and mastering engineers are all studio professionals.

TIP FOR STUDIO PROFESSIONALS: We encourage studio professionals to meet and form alliances on ACX Through the site you can create trusted production teams that Rights Holders will turn to, time after time, to get great audiobooks made. We hope that studio professionals will feel entrepreneurial, and become Producers. By doing that, they can offer a Rights Holder a full-service audiobook production—either by themselves or through subcontracts with other studio professionals – that meets the standards set forth in ACX’s Audio Submission Requirements.

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What does "cost per finished hour" mean?

Audiobook Producers are often paid based on the length of the completed book. It’s a method that helps everyone involved better estimate the project’s cost. For example, if a Rights Holder were instead to pay the Producer for the total number of hours worked on the project, they probably wouldn’t be able to get a good sense of what the final cost will be. In part because they might not know how many hours are actually put into the project, and in part because different Producers can work at very different paces. Paying per finished hour also encourages a Producer to prepare well and work efficiently, since they’ll get paid the same amount regardless of how long it takes to complete the job.

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How do I join ACX?

Creating a profile on ACX is simple and free. Sign Up Now using your account, or create a new account. Select your preferred account type, rights holder or producer, and provide some additional details to begin creating or auditioning for audiobook projects.

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I live outside of the US. Is ACX open to me?

ACX is currently open to residents of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland who have a mailing address, valid local Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), and banking details for one of these countries. We hope to open up to a wider global audience in the future.

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Are there fees to use ACX?

It is completely free to create an ACX account, and there are no distribution fees.

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What do I need to get paid?

To receive monthly payments from Audible, we require that you submit your tax information. Payments for your audiobook earnings will be provided monthly by with a statement of royalties. Payments will be delivered by direct deposit or a check. Payment to Narrators or Studio Professionals in comes from a Rights Holder. When you complete an audiobook and upload it to ACX, it then goes to the Rights Holder to approve. Once approved, the Rights Holder should pay you by check, credit card, or other method.

Read more about how to receive payments.

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What royalty is paid on ACX?

ACX authors and publishers can earn between 20%-40% of their title royalties through ACX. The royalty rate you earn is determined by the distribution option you select and the method by which the Producer is compensated. For non-exclusive distribution, the Rights Holder earns a 25% royalty and must compensate the Producer up-front. In an exclusive distribution deal, the Rights Holder earns a 40% royalty, if compensating the Producer up-front. If the Rights Holder and Producer agree to share royalties, each earns a 20% royalty. Read more about royalties and earnings here.

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How can I upload my audiobook that is already complete?

To upload a completed audiobook, create your ACX account, select the terms of distribution (exclusive or non-exclusive), and agree to our terms and conditions. Then, upload your audiobook files chapter-by-chapter, and enter information about your audiobook, such as copyright information, the name of the narrator, and the name of the audiobook publisher. Your audiobook will receive the same distribution and earnings options! Read more about how to upload your finished audiobook.

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What is the $50 Bounty Payment?

To encourage Rights Holders and Producers to promote their audiobooks, ACX is offering a $50 Bounty Payment. If your audiobook is the first purchase on made by a new AudibleListener member then you’ll get paid. As a Rights Holder, if you produce your audiobook through a Pay-for-Production contract, you will receive the entire $50 Bounty Payment. If you and a Producer work together under a Royalty Share deal, then the $50 Bounty Payment is split 50-50, and both parties will receive $25.

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All these and more details are all laid out in the $50 Bounty Payment Program Terms and Conditions.

For marketing tools and tips that will help you increase your audiobook sales, see the Promote Yourself section of the website.

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