How It Works


ACX Puts You in the Director's Chair.

Decide how your audiobook is produced, who narrates it, and select your distribution channels.

Every audiobook you make on ACX will be available on,, and iTunes, but also if you grant Audible exclusive distribution rights, then you'll earn royalties of 40%.

Here's how ACX works for authors:

Step 1. Confirm

Confirm you have audio rights for your book by checking your print book contract. If you have the audio rights, then for purposes of ACX, you are a Rights Holder.

Step 2. Create a Profile

Create a Title Profile by describing your book and the type of narrator best suited for it. You'll also post a 1-2 page excerpt from your book to serve as the Audition Script for potential narrators.

Step 3. Find a Producer

Post your book so Producers can audition. Or listen to sample narrations and invite a handful of producers to audition for your book.

Step 4. Review Auditions

Review auditions from interested Producers.

Step 5. Make a Deal

You can make an Offer to a Producer to produce your audiobook by sending the Producer a Production Offer Page. If the Producer accepts the Offer, you have a deal on ACX.

Step 6. Get Started

Your producer will record and upload the a 15 minute checkpoint of the audiobook, which you can approve or provide feedback. When the sample is approved, the producer will record the full project.

Step 7. Approve the Final Product

You can ask the Producer to make up to two rounds of corrections to your finished audiobook. When you're happy, you pay your producer directly, unless you agreed to a Royalty Share deal.

Step 8. Distribute

ACX distributes your audiobook through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes under both the exclusive and non-exclusive contracts. If you grant non-exclusive distribution rights, then you can distribute through additional channels.

Step 9. Promote

Promote the availability of your audiobook to your fans. Get started with great marketing advice in the Promote Yourself section.

For more information, please read our FAQ.