About Us

A Marketplace for You

To understand what ACX is, imagine an open marketplace, one where anyone who holds the rights to an audiobook—an author, agent, or publisher—can be matched with the narrators and studio professionals who can get those audiobooks made.

At the heart of the system is this idea: The rights to an audiobook often remain unrealized and the book is never recorded. And there’s huge potential sitting there, too—the potential for creative work, the potential for new income, and the potential for good listening.

Consider this: In 2009, while the market for digital media was expanding enormously, about one hundred thousand books were published, and not even five thousand of those were produced as audiobooks. We view those idle audiobook rights as a ready and clear opportunity for everyone.

Whether you’re a Rights Holder or Producer, here is how ACX can help you:

  • If you’re a Rights Holder—meaning you hold audio rights to a title—you can find an audiobook Producer on ACX who can bring that title to life, or an audio publisher who wants to buy those rights. You can also choose to take control of your audiobook and narrate and produce it yourself. When done, send it to Audible and distribute it through ACX.
  • If you’re an audio publisher, you can expand your offerings by finding new titles on ACX to produce.
  • If you’re a Producer—meaning a narrator, studio engineer, or studio professional with the capability of producing a commercial-ready audiobook—you can use ACX to find more work. Work that you’re passionate about.
  • If you’re a print book publisher, use ACX to create an account as a Rights Holder and engage Producers to produce audiobooks for your titles. Eventually you can have a catalog of audiobooks to offer for sale.

This is what ACX is all about: opening alternative channels of access, collaboration, and income.