Promotional Codes from ACX

Grow your audiobook reviews and listening audience with this exclusive promotional tool.

Promo Codes from ACX make it easy for you to promote your audiobook at no cost to you, allowing Authors, publishers, and Producers of eligible titles to give out free copies of your title on both and Access your Promo Codes as soon as your audiobook is available for sale and track them easily on your Promo Codes dashboard.


How It Works

  1. Publish or narrate an audiobook through ACX. Then, visit the Promo Codes tab on your Sales Dashboard.
  2. Access your Promo Codes, and distribute them with helpful tips from the ACX Blog.
  3. Mark codes as shared, and track redemption through your Promo Code Dashboard.
  4. Once your first 10 codes have been redeemed and your catalog of titles has reached 100 qualified sales, you may request an additional 25 codes per marketplace.

Where to Use Your Promo Codes

  • Send your promo codes to professional audiobook reviewers.
  • Get early reviews from your street team or beta readers.
  • Run a social media giveaway for fans and newsletter subscribers.
  • Swap codes with your peers and trade reviews for each other’s books.

Promo Codes are available to ACX users in good standing for audiobooks with exclusive distribution to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Get answers to Promo Code questions here. Audible Promotional Codes are subject to these Terms and Conditions.